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Create Space Without Losing Style

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Create Space Without Losing Style

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Create Space Without Losing Style

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The New Boss of Caddies

Say goodbye to your traditional salon caddie. They're hard to move around, bulky, and hair gets caught in the wheels. BossCaddi is an arm based design that has no wheels and no bulk! Just a smooth and seamless experience.


Made for Pros, by Pros. The BossCaddi Pro is offers a more innovative, smoother and customizable experience at a fraction of the price

Featured Specs

An up-close-and-personal look at BossCaddi's features

Boss Caddi Kit (13" Regular Attachment) - Boss-Caddi-Online
  • Arm Swivels 280 Degrees

    Durable, Stable, and Easy

  • Detachable Tray

    Convenient, Replaceable, and Quick

  • Clips to Any Chair Piston

    Simple, Solid, and Intuitive

  • Arm Extension

    Adjustable, Reliable, and Efficient

How to Install

Check out our three-part video on how to install the BossCaddi

Setting Up Your BossCaddi: STEP ONE

Setting Up Your BossCaddi: STEP TWO

Setting Up Your BossCaddi: STEP THREE

Additional Features

Every hair stylist knows the challenges of working in a salon and our mission is to assist in creating a more user friendly work space for them.
Perfect for Small Spaces
Free Up Space in Your Shop
No Wheels for Hair to Get Stuck In


“We brought them in to the salon 6 months ago and they have freed up enough space in our busy salon to add a retail stand. We love Boss-Caddi“

“With over 30 stations for cutting and colouring Boss-Caddi has helped clear up 12 roller trays that took up room when they weren’t being used”

“Boss-Caddi has made in salon working smoother and more efficient by having my colour bowls at arms reach at all times”